Thursday, October 29, 2015

Amtrak New England...DOWNEASTER and LAKE SHORE

Recent vids taken in New England...Maine and Massachusetts of the DOWNEASTER and LAKE SHORE LTD.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Amtrak Locomotive 102...involved in derailment.  Here it is in prior run on Vermonter route.  Amtrak Locomotive in derailment 102

This report shows you how STUPID the mainstream media is when it comes to trains:  Just listen to this report from a city where the Vermonter makes two stops daily.  Pathetic.  Stupid TV reporter on Amtrak derailment

SAME TYPE OF TRAIN as Vermonter that crashed. Click here to see train

Noon:  Here is a similar VERMONTER.  Same consist.  AMTRAK VERMONTER

Here is the latest:  Five injured, no deaths.  NATIONAL NEWS REPORT with PICTURE

UPDATE:  11: 40 am:  Here is what a Boston TV station is saying:  Boston TV report 


Word just came thru from an AMTRAK employee of a possible derailment of the engine on train 55 VERMONTER southbound near ROXBURY, VERMONT.  No word on any reported  injuries.

SEVERAL NEWS SOURCES have confirmed with VERMONT STATE POLICE that the derailment did occur.  Some reports say ALL CARS ARE DERAILED.  Still no word on injuries.  Accident took place in NORTHFIELD VERMONT, between Burlington and White River JCT.  As of 11 30 am.