Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crippled Amtrak Lake Shore...5 mph

This train was going way too slow today. Was already 20 min late..soon to be 40 min late. This was in Worcester, MA.


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  2. From a 30+ year career as an engineer, I can tell you that the speed is considerably more than your " ... 5 mph" title. I would estimate that the actual speed was 15 -20 mph. Since that line has cab signals, probable causes would be taking his time up to a red signal ahead (passengers tend to ask the conductor fewer question if the train is moving as compared to dead stopped), a track occupied light, signal trouble, a train stopped ahead, etc. On an e-mail list someone commented that this train going so slow was a disgrace to Amtrak. I would rather it go slow when it needs to than to wind up with another "Chase, MD" result.